Please read this before you commit to a retreat.  We have tried to be as fair as possible, but please keep in mind; our expenses are paid up front and large early deposits are made to the venues according to the number of participants.

We no longer transfer credits to future retreats.  If a retreat is cancelled by the venue we will automatically issue refunds.


Due to several late cancellations, we're finding that we do not have enough time to fill spots prior to the retreats so we are making a small change.  We pay the contract fees early and we get a $0 refund 30 days prior to our events with our venues.  Some are at the 45 day mark.

If you cancel 45 days prior to the retreat, you will get a 50% refund.  

Less than 30 days prior, NO refunds will be issued.

ALSO - It's important to note: unless you have paid for a single rate, a cancellation will place your roommates in the inconvenient position of having to pay a higher rate personally due to less people in their room!  Therefore, you may be charged an additional cancellation fee to offset the increase in your roommates share. 

It is up to you and roommates to replace your spot in the room!