Please see our cancellation policy!

​​Check in: 

10:00am - Thursday


1:00pm - Sunday


Santa Fe is only 23 minutes away!

Hidden just outside of Santa Fe, NM, this is truly a beautiful retreat location! The hotel rooms are very nice, clean and spacious.  The sewing area we're using is HUGE!!  Plenty of elbow room and "social distancing room" for everyone!  

The meals are served family style, each retreater is responsible for assisting your dinner companions with the easy serving AND cleanup.  Unfortunately they are no longer offering separate options for vegan, Gluten-Free etc.  Each meal will include a variety of foods for various dietary needs.  There will be a refrigerator available for those of you who would like to bring extra provisions for lunch or snacks.  You may bring snacks to share but they MUST be in the manufacturers individual wrapping.

If you bring your significant other and they don't wish to quilt, you'll have to contact us for their "non-participant" rate.

NOTE:  Please test drive your sewing machines before retreat! 

We're sorry but the April 2022 retreat has been cancelled.  Just not enough sign ups -  we're bummed but we hope to see you in Durango or the July Glorieta retreat!

Santa Fe Quilt Shop is about 30 minutes away!

If you wish to pay via Paypal, Beth will email you an invoice depending on how many are in your room.

​Beth's dog Booger - "The Keeper of the Foot Pedal".

If you'd like to attend a Glorieta retreat, please submit the form or call Beth directly at 505/908-8987.  Have the following information available for her:

1) Which Date?

2) Single, Double or Triple or Quad

3) Who is/are your roommates.

4)  Will you be sending a check OR would you like an invoice sent to pay online via Paypal.  

(We'll send you an invoice with a link to pay online)

5)  Phone number so Beth can call you!  This is the most important item.  She will need to make sure there is enough room for you AND your roommates!



Occupancy Rates:  

Single - $514.60

Double - $370.60

Triple - $322.60

Ryans Sew & Vac Santa Fe is about 25 min away.

Glorieta is very popular because it's all-inclusive!  We're amazed at how much the quilters accomplish!  Please email us at if you have further questions.

​​​Thanks so much for making these past years so much fun!

We are still waiting on approval for a late Fall

booking.  Please check back.  Meanwhile here are

our current dates:

Thursday, April 21st to Sunday,

April 24th, 2022


Thursday, July 28th to Sunday,
July 31st, 2022

Note:  some of you that must travel a longer distance may want to come in on Wednesday night, please email Beth for the rate.  Thanks!